Millésimes d’or

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Champagne Vranken à Reims - France

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A private collection unique in the world,

signed Paul-François Vranken

Villa Demoiselle, a residence with superb workmanship, a repository of ancestral knowhows, hosts a precious treasure in its cellars: the largest collection of vintages from the 19th to the 21st century.

Paul-François Vranken reveals today to discerning wine lovers more than 300,000 bottles, unique in the world: “46 millésimes d’or” constitute the exceptional wine cabinet. The curator of the collection guarantees the quality of each single bottle.

“I have waited for more than 30 years to unveil them. They testify to a historical willingness, driven by a respect for these grand maisons which have always made grand wines. We have treasures. We need to show them. Whilst the festive features of champagne are known throughout the world, the old vintages are simply exceptional.”

Paul-François Vranken

A collector’s

« If a collection reflects a life, the quality of that collection reflects the quality of that life. »

Lawrence Weiner

Curator’s note

The indelible mark of the French spirit is lively yet light, sharp yet friendly. The same can be said of the sparkling spirit of Champagne that can take on a richness, generosity and complexity, as can be seen in these superb vintages which make up the Millésimes d’Or of
the Paul-François Vranken Collection. Nature bestows a small number of rare and exceptional vintages that extend to all of France’s vineyards.These years are truly unique.

Such years are 1929, 1945, 1947, 1990… Bottles that dreams are made of, they arouse jealousy, desire and even regret from those who allowed them to pass by. In the glass,
these magnificent wines shine brightly, like the Sun King. They combine complexity with re finement, elegance with power, magnanimity with sensitivity, delicacy with sophistication.
They unleash powerful emotions and rarely paralleled pleasure. Then, there are the exceptional years which may vary from wineregion to wine region, but which, in Champagne, have left heavenly memories in the mind and on the taste buds.


A collector’s dream,

« I am an enthusiast... an enlightened enthusiast, most definitely.
I have dedicated most of my life to Champagne, something that I have always loved and which inspires me to continuously strive for the very best. My Champagnes are in my image; my style is easily identifiable.

Since 1978 I have worked on evolving the taste of Champagne by
removing the esprit de cognac from its preparation; I wanted my Champagnes to be fresh and light. In 1985 I offered them an exceptional bottle, the cuvée Demoiselle, to adorn my cuvées brut with the same elegance as the cuvées de prestige.

With the Vranken Diamant cuvée, a special bottle has become an exceptional one.
Today, on the eve of our Maison’s thirty fifth anniversary, I embrace the words: If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change. As Champagnes Vranken become the Maison du Millésime. This change is borne of a new idea: to offer wine lovers and aficionados the quintessence of our expertise, the result of the marvellous
alchemy between the remarkable work of our Cellar Master and the unyielding force of Mother Nature.

A new era of exceptional wines as today, Champagnes Vranken millésimes
become the spirited emissaries of dreams and emotions.
With Maison du Millésime, excellence ta kes up residence in daily life.
Champagnes Vranken are adorning themselves with the colours of age and life, bringing back memories and offering the very best of a year to all who love the finer things in life.

Paul-François Vranken