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Champagne Vranken à Reims - France

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The gestures of the artisans constitute a treasure trove of know how. The Villa Demoiselle organises exhibitions to save, preserve, transmit this living heritage, of which France is a rich conservatory.


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Opus n° 1


L’or en désordre


Opus n° 2


La cristallerie
de Saint-Louis


Opus n° 3


Rêve d’aiguille


Opus n° 1

Henry Vasnier
Chapter 1

A collector
and his infinite passion

La Villa Demoiselle ouvre un deuxième chapitre dans l’histoire et la découverte de la collection d’Henry Vasnier. Grand mécène de la ville de Reims, Henry Vasnier veut montrer sa réussite sociale non seulement durant sa vie mais aussi après sa mort, léguant ainsi au musée près de 600 œuvres, portraits, paysages et natures mortes…


The creative artists and craftsmen of Grands Ateliers de France show how they use their mastery of their trades and traditional know-how to transcend their heritage and aspire to create an idyllic space to enrich our lifestyles.

Artistes créateurs des Grands Ateliers de France


Gold is born of the earth. It is the symbol of transformation and of constant improvement. What could be more natural than for the members of Grands Ateliers de France to present their works of Gold art in the exceptional setting of Villa Demoiselle ? This site that is home to a treasure born of the earth, out of transformation and perfection.

Artistes créateurs des Grands Ateliers de France


From 1850 to the present day, Saint-Louis invites you to discover more than a century’s worth of champagne glasses. Cups, flutes or goblets... so many champagne glass models which have fuelled the Saint-Louis collections and perfectly illustrate the richness of the Saint-Louis décors: flat or wide ribbed cut, diamond cut or drapery, wheel engraving, gold decoration, hollow or interior bubble stem...

Le cristallerie de Saint-Louis


For more than 80 years, D. PORTHAULT has continually revolutionised the world of household linen. Over the years, this brand has forged a reputation as the "couture brand" in home linens. Villa Demoiselle has been fortunate to host the Maison D. Porthault.

Le cristallerie de Saint-Louis

The modern passions
of an audacious collector

For the first time, the Villa Demoiselle will put on display part of Henry Vasnier’s art collection. Vasnier (1832-1907) headed the firm Pommery until 1907 and was one of the most generous donors to the Reims Museum of Fine Arts. Indeed, he bequeathed almost 600 works of art to Reims for a new museum. This outstanding collection is representative of the pictorial and artistic audacity of the nineteenth century and relates to the affirmation of landscapes as an important genre and the evolution of decorative arts.

Henry Vasnier
Chapter 2