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Champagne Vranken à Reims - France

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Cloaked in the subtlest aromas, this juice is higher in sugar and acid content, which lends maturity and freshness to our wines and gives them a remarkable freshness on the palate, apt for ageing.

After pressing, in the winery, we ensure a maximum separation of qualities and crus in order to have the widest possible range during assemblage.

Our teams of oenologists led by winemaker Dominique Pichart will evaluate each vat during winemaking and will select those that are likely to enter the composition of the tête de cuvée.


The grapes are pressed according to the qualitative Champagne pressing principles and the ‘Tête de Cuvée’ specifications. Full traceability for each press is key in order to confirm that the specifications have been adhered to and to record the technical information related to the pressing process.

In order to extract the purest juice that will give our cuvée all its finesse and elegance, we focus on the principle of fractionation: only the first two ‘presses’ (15 hectolitres of must per 4,000 kg marc) of the pressing cycle are used in the ‘Tête de Cuvée’. This is a key element to ensuring quality.